Case study

Oyster Compact VP Valve
15 Luglio 2020

Custom products

Innovation is a customer-driven process and ValvEngineering has always pleased to develop tailor-made solutions to specific or unusual applications.

The following examples have been chosen to illustrate the kind of problem we are quite often asked to solve and to showcase the innovative ways we have done so.

DN50 HC22/Kaflon®

The Requirement

For the outlet of a Hastelloy Oyster Samplemaster valve, our customer required a DN50 butterfly valve with all wetted parts Hastelloy C22, and a white FDA compliant perluoroelastomer seal.  Mount via 2″ tri-clamp.

We were unable to find such a high specification valve on the market and so we produced our own (including making the mould for the new seal), which is now available for sale to other customers with similarly demanding requirements.  The seal material is Kaflon FFKM.

DN250 Draining Valve

The Requirement

This valve was designed and built for an Irish based Pharmaceutical company. The brief was for a valve for use in a system with regular wash downs and that would permit the system to drain right down to the level of the butterfly leaf.  The valve needed to have flange connections machined to ANSI #150 10” dimensions, and these had to be floating at one end because the flanges on the host system turned out not to be perfectly aligned with each other, and it was necessary to be able to turn the top flange to line up the bolt holes!

We manufactured a valve was produced with a customised leaf which had a drain hole through the short trunnion and a series of removeable plugs to enable the connection of the draining pipes during the washing process.  The valve body was made long enough to cover the leaf in the open position.

Manual Valve with Padlock and Limit Switch

Our customer, a US-based chemical company producing products for crop protection asked for a

A manually operated valve with 6” triclover connection on the outlet side, a shaped collar to take a flexible hose on the inlet, the possibility of locking the valve closed by means of a padlock and a proximity detector for the open position.

Volumetric Dosing Valve with Air Jets

For  a noted Italian customer producing machinery for the precious metals industry we were asked to produce a customised dosing valve for accurate volumetric dosing of the product.  The valve needed to have airjets on the downstream side in order to minimise the risk of any product adhering to the valve outlet (a necessity in view of the value of the product being handled).

The solution was to produce a dosing valve with a spherical rotor machined with a single pocket of the required volume.

On the lower half of the valve body we designed spring loaded airjets pointing at the lower side of the dosing rotor which are air-tight when closed but open automatically when the air supply is opened, and use high pressure air to clean the outlet side of the valve.

DN350 feeder

Isolator Pass Through Valves