As a close-knit and energetic team we believe our core values of integrity, client satisfaction, innovation and intellect help us stand out from the crowd. A constant and continuous involvement with the customer is the basis of this reality

Our constant drive to understand in detail our customers’ requirements and our willingness to explore new materials and innovative mechanical solutions to meet them in the most effective way possible have helped us become, in a very short space of time, a recognised leader in our field.

And thanks to this approach we have been able to develop and refine some of the solutions that are now so widely appreciated , such as the clamshell™ clamp design which is the cornerstone of our flagship “Compact System

Our strength is due in no small way to the collaboration with Cosmec Italia srl ( fully equipped and highly specialized machine shop ) ; and the security afforded to our clients by our policy of offering 100% Made in Italy.

So, why us?... because when you invest in the future of your business ... why settle for second best?




Introducing the CONN-FLEX modular system: These flexible connections are attached to the host installation by means of standard Tri-Clamp; they include a SS bearing ring to protect the silicone material from damage by the clamp, but in such a way that the bearing can easily be removed for cleaning. ...

SuperOyster movie clip


As promised, we are working hard on the development of our SuperOyster high cointainment valve. we have just added to our website a short clip of a test we carried out some times ago, just to show you briefly how this truly gorgeous valve works. Go to Menu/Multimedia and look at the video or simply ...