OYSTER™ Conn-Flex

OYSTER™ Connections and levers
16 Febbraio 2023

The OYSTER™ Conn-Flex are flexible connecting elements that allow the alignment of two machines, of a pipeline and a machine, of two pipelines and other similar applications.

The compensators apart from being used to recuperate length variations can also be used for the misalignment of the elements to be connected. The compensators can also be connected to vibrating machines thus avoiding the transmission of vibrations in the pipelines or in the machines to fill.


  • To compensate for any mis-alignment (left-right / up-down) between mating elements
  • To absorb vibration
  • To introduce flexibility into a system
  • To connect Tri-clover ferrules of different sizes
  • Simple and quick way to make shorter or temporary connections



  • They are attached to the host installation by means of a standard tri-clamp
  • They include a stainless steel bearing ring to protect the silicone material from damage by the clamp, but in such a way that the bearing ring can easily be removed for cleaning.
  • Conical adaptors are available to connect different TC sizes
  • Made from Silicone FDA 177.2600 – EN1935/2004 approved


Diameter From DN 4” up to DN 12”
Sterilization Suitable for CIP, SIP and WIP. In any case the resistance depending from the cleaning process and products being used.


M.O.C. CONTACT PARTS Platinum-catalyzed silicone
AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS TC BS 4825-3, TC ASME/BPE, other on request.