OYSTER™ Connections and levers

OYSTER™ Conn-Flex
17 Febbraio 2023
OYSTER™ Mounting Collars
16 Febbraio 2023

Our OYSTER™ branded sanitary valves are generally designed to connect to the host installation by Tri-Clover clamps (TC). This is a widely used and recognised standard, most of all in the pharmaceutical industry, which combines optimal sanitary characteristics with practical convenience.

Valvengineering supplies a wide range of special TC connections and clamps.

Lever is a component used to operate with our valves as well as pneumatic actuators, electric gear motor, pneumatic motor and so on.

Valvengineering supplies a complete and versatile range of levers depending on the details of the host installation and the customer’s requirements.

Our levers can be provided in different materials (stainless steel, with Bakelite knob) and different configurations (different length, with locking pin, with integrated proximity sensor, double lever).