OYSTER™ Feeder Valve

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16 Febbraio 2023
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2 Febbraio 2023

In applications where a high throughput volume is required, we offer the Feeder valve which is designed for
continuous dosing powered by an electric or pneumatic motor.

The main distinguishing feature of the feeder valve is the absence of a main seal between the two body halves (which would be damaged by the continuous rotation and may risk contamination of the product), and the spherical internal machining of the valve body to leave a small gap between the valve body and the tips of the rotor blades so that at all points of the rotation of the rotor, the product flow is controlled.

The motor drive allows the valve to operate at substantially higher speeds than actuated valves, and the speed is limited only by the ability of the pockets to fill and empty correctly, which depends very much on the nature of the product. The valve exists in two variants known as the symmetric type and the asymmetric type.

The symmetric feeder is structurally simpler and cheaper to construct and maintain but it is not suitable for applications in which there may be pressure differences from inside to outside the valve. The asymmetric feeder is equipped with all the seals and o-rings necessary to ensure it remains pressure tight from inside to outside at all times and as such it is suitable for vacuum systems or applications with WIP or similar.

All Oyster feeder valves are supplied with an integrated motor support which covers the drive spindle of the valve ensuring no exposed rotating parts and which ensures operator safety and clean operation.



Atex Certification II 2GD Ex h IIB IIIC T4/T135°C X Gb Db
Diameter From DN 100 up to DN 450
WIP Suitable for washing in place. Cleaning and Sterilization operations are greatly simplified thanks to the spherical internal machining of the valve body
Operation Electric or pneumatic motor drive or pneumatic actuator 180° and complete range of options and


M.O.C. CONTACT PARTS AISI 316L, C22 (other alloys available upon request)
AVAILABLE CONNECTIONS TC BS 4825-3, TC ASME/BPE, TC DIN32676, Flange, Jacob Type, Weld End, Docking Collar, others
upon request