OYSTER™ Mounting Collars

OYSTER™ Connections and levers
16 Febbraio 2023
OYSTER™ Feeder Valve
3 Febbraio 2023

Where it is required to fit a valve underneath a machine or hopper, even with Tri-clamps, this can be a tricky operation requiring more than one person.

For this reason, we have perfected the OYSTER™ Mounting Collar bayonet system.

The Compact Mounting Collar system consists of a proprietary welding ferrule with machined slots which is welded in place on the outlet. The valve in this case is fitted with locating pins which engage in the slots so that as the valve is turned through a few degrees, the valve is held in position against the ferrule in such a way that the operator’s hands are freed to enable him to fit the clamp to secure the valve in position. An O-ring ensures tightness at the join.

Removing the valve is also easier and above all safer as it is now a two stage process.