Polymer valve for corrosive environment

Oyster Compact VP Valve
15 Luglio 2020
Manual valve with Padlock and Limit Switch
4 Settembre 2020

Handling / Materials:       Food pastes

Client / Industry:             Machinery manufacturer

Geo Location:                USA

The requirement:

  • 3” valve with TC connections
  • Valve materials with better corrosion resistance than St/st 316L
  • Not too expensive

The solution:

After some research it turned out that the materials being processed, whilst highly corrosive for st/st, were compatible with certain grades of Peek-like polymer, and indeed that a silicone seal was also suitable.

We were able to propose a custom valve with Peek body, Hastelloy C-22 leaf and silicone seal.  This has the advantage of being substantially cheaper and much lighter than a full Hastelloy valve would be.