DN50 Hastelloy valve with fluoropolymer seal

DN250 Draining Valve
4 Settembre 2020
6 Febbraio 2023

Handling / Materials:       Pharmaceutical powders

Client / Industry:              Pharmaceutical manufacturer

Geo Location:                   Germany


The Requirement:

  • For the outlet of a Hastelloy Oyster Samplemaster valve, our customer required a DN50 butterfly valve with all wetted parts Hastelloy C22, and a white FDA compliant perluoroelastomer seal.
  • Mount via 2″ tri-clamp.

The Problem:

We were unable to find such a high specification valve on the market

The Solution:

We produced our own (including making the mould for the new seal). The same valve is now a part of our product range for the most demanding applications.  The seal material is a special fluoropolymer-compound.